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December 2, 2022

I’m Failing a Bit…

Trying to put together the words for how I’m feeling right now and honestly I do in fact feel like I’m failing a bit. In the last month I’ve had so many emails get lost, responses forgotten and felt really off of my game. For so long I’ve prided myself on being able to handle it all while being an over-scheduled crazy person (for anyone who grew up with me and knew me during early adulthood, you know what I’m talking about). Right now, I just can’t and I absolutely haven’t been able to figure out why. 

One thing I know for certain is that I’m NOT failing at being a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter or a friend. After coming to a realization a few years ago during my last year of coaching, I wasn’t putting myself, my family or my friendships first. I actually hadn’t been my entire life. My fully packed schedule and dedication to dance was where all of my mental and physical energy was. Anything less than perfection just wasn’t enough and I was constantly (and unknowingly) running on empty behind a smile. After coming to this realization, I said never again. Never again will I put anything ahead of those I love the most or the things that bring me the greatest joy. 

Cody and I are so lucky to be able to call photography our passion. It’s not something we rely on to feed our family or pay the bills, it’s something we truly enjoy and I truly believe that’s what brings out our spark when we’re capturing such special moments. 2022 was a lot for us to say the least. The most weddings we’ve had the honor of capturing and the most weddings we’ve ever attended as guests. It was exhausting alongside trying to thrive in a new career and be the best parents we could be. 

As the year comes to a close, we’ve found our path forward into 2023. It looks a little different but is solely focused on quality over quantity. Quality of content, interactions and creativity that bring us joy. 

To our current and prospective clients, I apologize for any missed communication or confusion. I promise I’m here, I’m just trying to get my head on straight. In the end, we’re all human trying to find our way and I’m so grateful for those that are rewarding us with patience and understanding. We are so excited to truly show up and bring our best selves into the new year. We hope to continue to be there for all of your most special moments. Thanks for making it to the end, we’re just keeping it real over here!

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