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March 20, 2020

where it all started…

Let us take you back about four years to where it all started. We have officially bought our first camera to take videos for a fishing vlog (Shoutout to HeyThatMuskyGuy on YouTube). This was the point we realized this could be more than just taking videos out on the lakes in Madison. When we took our camera and put it into photo mode vs. video, we knew we had something. 

Sarah Larson Photography | Where it all started...
Lake of the Woods – Flag Island Resort

We are both coaches at the local high school in the area here in Wisconsin. We realized we could start taking place of the lackluster school photographers that were taking our team photos. Above all we wanted to make things more exciting for the kids in our programs and give them something special. Here and there we would take team photos and action shots for our athletes families and friends. 

Something was starting to happen

After some time doing this we begin to receive requests for other things. Senior photos here, a family portrait session there. We realized that we loved the interaction that came with those sessions and the value of the photos that we were taking. Helping people document special moments to cherish for a lifetime. We got excited about the thought of what could be. 

As a result, we enrolled in some classes to truly learn photography, not just messing around with our camera on the weekends. A love was found in the process which truly brought us to where we are today, photographing brides, grooms, couples, seniors, and families in their most important moments. We took a lot of time to come out of the shadows, it’s hard to move into the unknown and it’s truly hard to put yourself out there for everyone to see. Being the introverts that we are it felt like a true test. 

Join us on our journey

We are excited to be going into 2020 with big dreams and goals in mind. We want to be able to be the ones who give you the time to focus on the special moments vs. trying to be the ones documenting them. When we got married it was the easiest choice to know that we wanted someone we could trust for that day and we are so excited to be able to do those for others near and far. It’s funny how you find your calling in the most unpredictable ways. For us on a fishing boat is where it all started. Join us on this fun and exciting journey! Check out some of our portfolio HERE.

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