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April 17, 2020

are you a guilty bride?

This one is tough to write, especially with the current state we are all in but I felt it important to share. Cody and I were married at the end of February 2020. We had the most magical day at our “destination wedding” in Sedona, Arizona. It was the most perfect day but recently I’ve felt like the guilty bride.

Watching so many people we do and do not know having to cancel or postpone their weddings is heartbreaking. I remember being in those shoes just a few months ago, excited to finally marry my high school sweetheart. It was finally our turn to have our big day after 11 years together.

It’s been over a month since we were married (almost 2 full months actually) but it’s been hard to want to share any details from our big day. Shortly after we returned COVID-19 started to spread and the world was essentially locked down. Please know I’m not here to write about politics or my views on any one person or another. Also know we’re not looking for any type of sympathy for not being able to share photos or details as much as we want, that’s just wrong.

Maybe it’s not the right time…

Every time I run back through our photos, I think that maybe it’s still not the right time. Although it’s a happy memory to me, it might trigger sadness in a bride that had to cancel or postpone. I see the posts of brides showing their countdowns increasing by for some over 400 days. I’ve seen the controversial Instagram posts and comments that have since been taken down.

We’re all in a confusing time in our lives. There is no end date to this right now and the uncertainty of the next few weeks/months is scary. If you’re a newly married couple and feeling like a guilty bride posting your pictures and the fun you had. We’re with you! We feel your emotions and are trying to be the best people we can be to those around us too.

If you’re a couple that had your date canceled or postponed, we feel you. We don’t know your hurt and anxiety directly but are here as support. Please know that if we are posting photos as photographers or new brides, it is not to hurt you. We want to share the love we had on that day with those who weren’t able to be there or share that time with us.

Will I continue to feel like a guilty bride until Coronavirus has passed? Absolutely. How we could have our wedding just a few weeks before life was canceled is beyond me. I still can’t wrap my head around it. Why did we get so lucky?

If you are in the planning or re-planning process, we’re here for you! We will be your biggest supporters and cheerleaders as you navigate this uncertainty. Want to bounce ideas or feel totally lost?


In the coming weeks there is a good chance we might post a photo or two from our wedding on our personal or photography Instagram accounts. There is a good chance we will post photos of our dog and pretty things from the days we could leave the house freely as well. I promise we are only trying to remember those happier days!

If you are looking for a photographer to document your big day or ready to schedule our engagement photos, give us a shout! We still have dates available in 2020 and into 2021! Let’s get in touch!

Here’s to happy wedding planning or re-planning and brighter days to come! Let’s continue to celebrate our love for one another and cherish our time with our families. We’re all in this together!


The Guilty Bride

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