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September 11, 2020

How to pick the perfect save the date.

Email after email, ad after ad. The options are absolutely endless when it comes to picking the perfect save the date for your wedding day. Did we mention the unlimited supply of advice from family and friends? How can you possibly sift through all the mud to get the perfect invites that feel like…you?

save the date template

When you’re dreaming of your wedding day, I can’t imagine you think of the hours you’ll spend picking out the small details before your big day is even close. No matter what your order is in terms of picking your venue, color scheme, photographer (hi, how can we help you?!), planner, band/DJ, etc., you will have to decide on your date. In our opinion, it can be pretty smooth sailing after this big task.

Save the Date

That’s where comes into play to help so many couples! Our biggest pain point while planning our own wedding was weeding through the options to find the save the date that felt right, matched our vision, and of course didn’t break the bank! The Basic Invite Save the Date Template page is so easy to use to filter by exactly what you need, with over 1,000 options! You can even upload your own custom design and have Basic Invite take care of the printing! Let’s also mention the free address printing after using their simple address collection tool.

save the date

One of our favorite trends in invitation suites right now is the all-in-one wedding invitation. These include not only your formal wedding invitation but also an RSVP card that can be detached and returned. No envelope necessary! Think of all the time you’ll get back to do fun things like bugging your fiancé for the 800th time to see if they’ve looked at the five different shades of blush you are thinking of for your bridesmaids dresses. In reality, it saves the most time for your guests. These all-in-one invitations make RSVPing on time so much easier! Don’t forget to add return postage for extra ease on your guests.

Wedding Websites

If Save the Dates are a daunting task, start with your FREE wedding website. Their wedding websites are completely customizable, mobile friendly and easy to use. Upload all of your wedding details, along with your favorite images of you and your fiancé, and a map with easy directions for your guests. Having your wedding website set up with every little detail for your guests will help field so many questions they might have along the way! Did we also mention your wedding website can match your wedding invitations?! We don’t know about you but we are such visual people. Seeing a cohesive look through an entire wedding is something we love to see.

wedding website

Each wedding invitation is part of a set. Basic Invite has all the wedding stationery you need, like save the dates, wedding invitations, enclosure cards, wedding menus, wedding programs, and even matching thank you cards! In the current state of the world, we can’t forget about the dreaded postponement cards. We do our best to help our couples navigate re-planning their dream days on their original date while also helping couples re-planning on a new date. You bet your bottom there are postponement cards/change the date options to choose from as well! Did you already guess they were fully customizable?

It’s clear there are options for all stages of your wedding planning process on Basic Invite. If you’re looking for something easy, we absolutely recommend the all-in-one seal and send wedding invitations. If you’re looking for the full invitation suite with over 40 options of envelope colors and 900 invitation sets, they’ve got that for you! COVID couples, they’ve got your back when it comes to postponement and changing the date too!

Picking the perfect save the date

When it comes down to it, there isn’t a right or wrong answer when it comes to planning your wedding and picking the perfect save the date. Once you have your date set, take a look around on Basic Invite to see if anything catches your eye. This is a great way to help pick your wedding theme and may bring your decisions on your color scheme and flowers to light. From there, play around with the filters to find your perfect size, color, orientation and lots of other goodies.

If you’re in the market for wedding stationary or are looking for some inspiration, make sure to follow @basicinvite on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter!

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