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February 15, 2021

2020 Year in Review

Along with many others, we are excited at the thought of a new year and fresh start. 2020 was a year full of love, challenges and new opportunity for us. To start our 2020 Year in Review, we started with finally getting married just before the world was shut down. We traveled from cold Wisconsin in February to warm Arizona to tie the knot after 11 years together! Quite honestly, it was the most fun week we have had in some time. Our closest friends and family were able to join us and spend time in a much warmer February climate than Wisconsin! We like to think we were part of the crowd that made micro-weddings “cool”.

After coming home from the most amazing week of our lives, we decided to finally bring our photography business into the light and start documenting the most beautiful moments. Our business was out in the open and it was SCARY. I wish at the beginning of 2020 I would have known how much my life bettered because of our business. So many couples, families and seniors brought so much happiness to our lives.

We officially went public…

Just after going public with our business (make sure to check out our website – we returned from our careers to work from home for the foreseeable future (we’re still here by the way). We learned separate our personal lives from our work lives and truly coexist in the same space for days on end. It’s funny how many things you see around the house that could be improved when you are staring at your own walls for what seems like an eternity. Did I rip up our entryway flooring with absolutely no plan? Absolutely! We did find the cutest tile as a replacement though!

Through the summer and into the fall we were able to document some gorgeous weddings with some amazing couples. Our first micro-wedding in June really set the tone for a year full of love, even with the circumstances surrounding 2020. In fall we were lucky enough to work beside some amazing photographers as second shooters to really learn how each of us documents a wedding day differently. We are SO incredibly thankful for those that let us work alongside them almost every weekend September through October.

Sarah Larson Photography
The most beautiful June Micro-Wedding in Lake Geneva, WI | Sarah Larson Photography

Winter rolled in…

After a year full of love, personal struggles, and LOTS of rescheduling we finally made it to the winter. For anyone who doesn’t know, we both coach at a local high school in our “free” time. With restrictions most of the year, we were finally able to see our teams in some capacity once things cooled down. We stayed busy with practices most week nights and trying to figure out how to better heat our 100-year-old home on the weekends. Can we all just agree it’s been a REALLY cold winter? Our wood-burning stove has been helpful but man does it take a lot of wood! If anyone has any tips or tricks, send them our way!

Onto 2021…

As we finally finish our 2020 Year in Review, we are so extremely excited for all that is coming this year for us both personally and professionally. Stay tuned and follow along as the year progresses. We have a feeling 2021 is going to be the best one yet!

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